fullsizeoutput_3498      Hi dolls! My name is Tiffany aka ”Thisdollhere” on Instagram, twitter and snapchat! I’m a mother first, wife always and princess forever!! I love my perfect family which include my beautiful lil dolly, Jadelyn who is 8 years old and my amazing husband Ricardo who has been my best friend and the love of my life for the last 12 years. Together we ar living this thing called life one snap, instagram upload and tweet at a time. lol For those that have been following me for awhile now know that I’ve blogged in the past but really didn’t have an actual plan for it. Also that thing we were just talking about called life tends to get in the way. I mean, HELLO! I am a mother and wife who happens to work part time while trying to start and run my own mobile nail care business. On top of all those wonderful things hubby and I just became legal guardians to my 2 year old (YES! I said 2 year old) niece. Can you say BUSY MUCH?!! But I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all planned and figured out right about now. Meanwhile life is smiling/laughing at me as I type like just watch. lol. But hey we are all just navigating thru life, and if you are in any way like me what helps me on my way is….SHOPPING!! Shopping for clothes, shoes, beauty products, makeup and everything in between. So navigate with me thru this beautiful and oh so crazy thing we call life every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Ill be taking about fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle and the latest product reviews. So if you have a product in mind that you have been eying now but aren’t quite sure if you should get it but want an honest opinion be sure to let me know. I’m always down to try! While you are at it be sure we are staying connected and follow me on all my social channels… Instagram, Twitter Snapchat: thisdollhere or email me at thisdollhere@yahoo.com ..say hi, I love to keke hunty! Until next time…

Tiara’s up,


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