Extensions,weaves & wigs, Oh my!…

img_9772img_9765img_9773img_9775Happy Wednesday dolls! Today I want to talk about hair. There is a BIG misunderstanding (especially about African American hair) that just because a person chooses to wear extensions, weaves, wigs what have you that they must be bald or have no hair… WRONG! Speaking on my situation of course, I choose to wear weaves & wigs for 3 reasons: 1) I have natural hair which means there is absolutely no chemicals in my hair so it is extremely curly or as I always say which may not be the politically correct way of saying it but this is MY blog & Im a princess so I do what I want. Lol. My hair is NAPPY! Now it isn’t just nappy, it’s sooo hard to deal with. And remember I have 2 kids I care for and a hubby and I work out regularly… now… AINT NOBODY GOT TIME to be messing with hair that is unruly and uncooperative every single day. Next is reason 2) hubby and I will celebrate 12 years (YES! 12 years of marriage) this coming June. I don’t know about you, but that’s kind of a long time. That’s over a decade. And let me tell you ladies a lil secret your man doesn’t want to see you looking or having the same hair style that you had when he first met you YEARS ago ok. Men love fantasy, so I say give him what he wants! Hubby can have “Doutzen” the pretty tall Dutch girl, or “Elsa” the sweet lil Sweden hottie, “Bridget” the red-headed Irish girl or a Nubian queen from far away all by putting on a wig. Girl let me tell you that THIS DOLL HERE keeps it interesting okurrr?! Lastly 3) I’m a woman! And woman aren’t meant to have rules! I have fun putting together different looks and hubby has fun with me. I like how I can be blonde when I wake up, be natural by lunch time then go to braids by dinner time. But, I will let you all in on a lil secret… come close cause I don’t want you to miss it… EVERYONE WEARS EXTENSIONS!! From celebrities, entertainers down to your every day woman, black, white, Mexican and every race in between. It just depends on what the person wants. Some wear extensions because they have jet black hair and want to go platinum blonde but don’t want to damage and fry their own hair. Some have very long but thin hair and want more fullness. Others have super thick but short hair and want the length. So it really depends on what one wants. Personally, I will always wear extensions/weaves because it’s my personal preference. Does it mean I’m bald or ashamed of my hair? No! Just means that’s what I like and want and kudos to all my dolls who wear their natural hair! I love it all. In a world where their is an array of endless possibilities, be open, have fun and throw the rules out of the window or out the castle! 😉 until next time..

Tiara’s up,

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