New hair, who dis?

Hair details: 4 bundles of 100% virgin Brazilian straight. Two 24″ bundles, One 22″ bundle, one 18″ bundle and a virginBrazilian straight frontal in the length 14″ all from The virgin hair bar.
Happy Wednesday all!! Today I want to talk about my new extensions! I only use this brand of hair and they never disappoint! OMG!!! I absolutely looove them!!  They are so soft and manageable. Little to no tangles. And holds a curl super well. 

 Right now they are having a bundle Sale if you purchase 3 or more  bundles you receive 10% off AND if you use my code: holiday you receive 15% more off! That’s 25% off total!!  
I usually get my bundles made into a unit/wig by my girl Adri, her Instagram is linked Here and also her website is Here. Let me tell you that this girl’s work is AMAZING!! She takes her time and puts her heart and soul into her work. This is my 2nd unit She has made for me and they last well over a year depending on how well you take care of it. She is also having a major sale for the holidays, so make sure you check her out and get your hair right for the new year okaaaaay?!  

I’m absolutely loving me with darker hair although I will more then likely do an ombré or a balayage in a few months just to switch it up. 

P.S. I want to congratulate Denise Council the winner of the Kylie Cosmetics lippies!! And details for my MAC Mariah Carey giveaway will be blogged soon so keep looking out for that!! I hope everyone stays warm (currently it’s raining cats and dogs here in Cali) Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Tiara’s up,


4 thoughts on “New hair, who dis?

  1. I love the new look it is absolutely stunning , you look beautiful !! You can wear any color blonde,red, black, natural and still come out fantastic!! You be rocking that hair I love the make up too .. so keep up the good work doll. You inspire me ..

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