Neutral & soft pink…






Turtleneck: Kohls (on sale for less then $15), Cardigan: old but similar here, and here, Jeans: old but love these, Boots: from last year but similar here and here (both under $20) Jewelry: was a gift but loving this.


Hi loves! This week flew by like a wicked witch on a broom stick ok! It’s been crazy busy at work and raining like crazy here in California and I wasn’t able to get any outside pics. I know Christmas is literally around the corner and whether you don’t celebrate like myself or do I hope everyone stays safe. People seem to get extra crazy around the holidays and I just can’t figure out why. Friday’s  look had a lot of neutrals with a shade of soft pink. This turtleneck is so comfortable and comes in so many colors. With it being officially winter a turtleneck should be a staple piece in every wardrobe. Boots are a MUST have as well and Im glad I can finally bring some of mine out to wear. I threw on a camel sleeveless cardigan to give an extra layer which I think really ties the look together. Paired with some dark washed jeans and I was all set for another busy day at work. Let me tell you I’m already looking forward to the END of the holiday season so work can die down a lil. Like I want to work, but NOT work, and still get paid. Bwuahahaha!! Who else feels me? What are some of the things you guys like doing this time of season? I know I LOVE to shop!! Sooo many great deals and bargains and I don’t have to wait till Christmas to have them! (Perks of being a real princess) ;p I know Dolly just loves it when we go shopping or when hubby and I give her a present just because. I hope she always remembers its the thought that counts and it makes it EXTRA special when we give all thru out the year out of love and want and not because its tradition. It truly makes my heart smile big at the ability of giving she already has at only 8 years old. I am convinced and look forward to seeing what an amazing, loving and giving young lady she will be. *insert tear emoji here* Well, I hope each and every one of you have a great evening and most important a safe holiday. Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Tiara’s up,


4 thoughts on “Neutral & soft pink…

  1. Hi Tiffany, I love your look doll. Keep up the good work I look forward to your blog , tips on makeup. Your trueness as to who you are! Until next time ..


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