Top 10 favorite beauty products…

From left to right: #1#2#3#4#5#6#7 (use code: thisdollhere for a discount) #8#9#10
As this year approaches an end, I wanted to make sure we are ALL on the same page. And by we, I mean YOU because Im already on the page. I just need you guys to be here with me. LOL. No but really, I can not even allow you to go into 2017 without sharing some of the most key beauty must haves (in my opinion anyway) Like come on, you want to do 2017 right, right? Lets begin with #1. Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional face primer. I absolutely love this product!!! It smooths over skin minimizing any visible pores and is oil-free which in my case is a must since I have oily skin. Primer is a MUST guys! It helps keep your makeup in place all day and lays the very foundation for your makeup look. #2. The original Beauty Blender. Which is the worlds best makeup applicator ever made. It leaves your makeup looking like it was airbrushed for the gaaawds do you hear me! #3 Urban Decay’s All nighter waterproof long wear liquid foundation. (whew! what a mouth full) Ive been using this foundation now for about 2 months and it is my FAVE foundation right now. It is a full coverage matte foundation that literally leaves your skin feeling and looking so smooth and keeps all the shine to a minimum. (again oily skin over here) And the best part is it’s true to its name “all nighter” because my fave stays on point ALL day or night. No one wants to keep fixing their face all thru out the day multiple times ok. #4. Tarte Cosmetics shape tape contour concealer. First off, the tube is out of this word, its so big! But this stuff is amazing. Its vegan friendly and has amazing coverage for my under eye designer bags that I’ve got going on. You can use it for contouring as well which makes for a double whammy! #5 Laura Mercier transclucent powder. This stuff gives my makeup that extra UMPH that I need for a flawless all day slay do you hear me. It also sets your makeup to a nice matte finish which is key for oily skin. #6 Tarte Cosmetics X Makeupshayla contour palette collab. I literally use this palette every single day. Especially for my contour. It has your contour in a medium and light shade, a peachy blush, a highlight, corrector and a glow that I use as an eyeshadow. What more can a doll ask for! #7 Dodo lashes in style 105. There lashes are 100% mink lashes, last well over 20 uses and get this…ONLY $5.00!!! Like I can not evennnn! I love wispy and thick lashes and style 105 are exactly that for me. #8 California Mango hand and body care skin balm. Its been really cold and hot here and California and I don’t know about you but that makes my skin super dry. Especially my lips. I apply this on my lips before bed, before i put on my lipstick or lipgloss and I also apply some to my elbows, knees and the heels of my feet to keep them moisturized. Leaves my skin feeling baby soft. #9 MAC Cosmetics X Mariah Carey collab “its just like honey” lip gloss is LIFE! Ive been waring it every single day pretty much since it launched. It gives a very nice natural barely there look which I love. Lastly, #10 Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray. This stuff is LEGIT do you hear me! It mists on but leaves skin feeling set and weightless and helps makeup last even longer. I stock up on this bad boy! lol.

Everyone should have these staple products in their beauty collection for flawless and SLAY-tiful (shout out to my insta doll for making up this word) skin. With these 10 beauty products you can strut into 2017 like you’ve got something to slay hunty!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, until next time…



2 thoughts on “Top 10 favorite beauty products…

  1. Hey Doll .. thank for those fantastic tips I use the California Mango and it is to die for my skin is so moisturize all day, doll where was you when I was younger all these good tips I will try the face primer & beauty blinder!!! Thanks doll until next time.


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