Blue, nude & a giveaway…

Tank: target, cardigan: old, similar here, jeans:  Hollister (On sale for $25), boots: Fluffy Wuffies (huge sale going on), hair extensions: The virgin hair bar (use code:holiday for a discount)

Happy Friday! As the new year approaches swiftly I want to make sure I give back to those who have really supported me, whether it has been a like, comment, follow or direct message. Your engagement doesn’t go unnoticed and I want to thank you bunches for  it. I’ll be doing giveaways monthly so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t win. So make sure you are following me on all my social media: Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter  @thisdollhere and be sure to comment and like that’s where I choose my winners. You must be subscribed to  my blog as well and comment. When winners are picked I double check because I don’t want to reward someone who doesn’t engage. Let me know what you would love to win as well. Also I want to announce and congratulate the winner of the MAC x Mariah Carey eyeshadow, Christina Penk!!! Thanks girl for your constant support! I appreciate it. Please contact me to claim your prize via email or message me via any one of my social medias!

Today’s look was fun, cute and cozy. Winter is slowly trying to peep its head out and this bipolar California weather is holding on to summer like nobody’s business. Lol. Needless to say I still pulled out my Fluffy Wuffies!! These boots are so unbelievably comfortable it’s ridiculous. They have sooo many styles and colors and I can’t wait to pair some more looks with my other Fluffy Wuffies! They are so fun to wear even dolly has a pair. Throw on some blue jeans, a tee and a cardigan and you are all set for a cute & cozy look.

Hubby, the family and I will be headed to Lake Arrowhead on New Year’s Day after much hesitation on my part (it’s gonna be so cold) lololol. But all in all it should be fun times. We stay inside away from all the crazy drunk people who still don’t utilize services such as lyft, uber or the classic taxi cab on New Years and just watch movies and play games. Whatever it is you choose to do, please be safe and remember don’t drink and drive. It can mean your life and someone else’s. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see ya in 2017…

Tiara’s up,


15 thoughts on “Blue, nude & a giveaway…

  1. YAYYYYY!! Thanks so much girl, I’m so honored to have been chosen! I’ve followed you for about two years now & you inspire me in the beauty industry!! Love following you πŸ’•πŸ˜­

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  2. Honestly I’m not posting this because of the giveaway but because I’ve followed you since way back (those Twitter anon days) and you have ALWAYS been an inspiration. I literally can’t get over how beautiful you are. Btw you are slaying in this post my gawd! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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