Black & grey series…

Poncho: old but similar here, checkered plaid flannel: H&M, pants: H&M (currently 20% off) Hunters: Nordstrom

I layered up today because of the predicted rain we were supposed to have and as you can see it actually was pretty clear and sunny out. It did storm last night tho so I guess the news was accurate lol. It still was super cold so needless to say I kept the layers. It seems like my Hunters are literally on repeat nowadays and I’m NOT mad about it. These H&M jeans are sooo comfortable and are designed to be form fitting. The material is so stretchy I absolutely love them. I Will definitely be getting a few more pairs in different washes. The black plaid flannel is super warm and cozy topped with this oversized grey open sleeved poncho. It’s supposed to rain and storm again tonight and tomorrow so more then likely I will leave the Hunters out haha!  Thank you bunches for stopping by, and until next time…

Tiara’s up,


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