Life Update: Where have I been?…

Hi loves! I know its been a minute since I’ve posted anything, and with good reason as I will get in to that soon. If you have been following along from the beginning you know I’ve mentioned that life sometimes gets in the way. Seriously, it almost seems like if it isn’t one thing, it is another. Being a mother and wife isn’t a piece of cake either, on top of trying yo fit your immediate family in, working, attempting to have a personal life, lol and keeping up with social media. It feels more complicated then rocket science more often then not. However, in my experience I have found that sometimes you MUST take a break, reset your life, then continue where you left off at for your sanity and for your health. Recently, my fur baby “Tiny” a Pomeranian, whom I’ve had since I was 16 (half of my life)  which makes him almost 16 years old. That’s 112 in dog years! He is so old he has none of his teeth, that’s why his tongue sticks out. lol. He is overall in very good health but, He got sick for a few weeks. Then after he recovered had a very bad seizure in which we thought we had lost him. Obviously he is up their in age, so failing health is a given, but pets become your family and he is my everything. I joke with my hubby and dolly all the time that they would get kicked out the house before “Tiny” ever does. Bwuahahahaha!! Really tho, my dog is like the son I never had. I love him so much and he has been a part of so much of my life. Like I took him to work with me to make sure he was ok the next day. Seizures are common in older dogs and my vet told me to not worry about bringing him in unless he has them more frequent and they last longer then a minute and he is too old to be on medication for it. Nonetheless, its still super scary. My hubby has been sooo sweet about it too, he told me to write down a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do with him and he would make sure we do them as a family. We have taken the time to do a lot of those things and just spend quality time with him overall. In addition to my fur baby’s health issues, I went thru a ruff patch dealing with issues involving my niece. Not that she in general is the issue, but keeping up with all her appointments, visitations and therapies can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you’ve got other things going on. Ive always been an optimistic and happy person, so even tho I go thru difficulties I know that anytime that you can say you are alive and well should be looked at with the most gratifying eyes. For this I am so blessed and thankful. In better news I will be 31 tomorrow, and I’m kind of excited. I hope to wake up with the knowledge of life itself…. LOL! jk, but truly if I’m fortunate enough to wake up tomorrow then I will be ever so grateful for another year of life with the ones I love. Now that things are a bit back to normal I can get back to blogging regularly and Ive been working really hard to re-launch my Youtube channel, so look out for that. Its always nice catching up with you, thank you so much for stopping by and until next time….

Tiara’s Up,


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