Grand Prix weekend fun…

Happy Monday loves!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to take on a new week. This weekend was so much fun. Hubby, dolly and I went to the Toyota Grand Prix.

The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is an IndyCar Series race held on a street circuit in Long Beach, California. Christopher Pook is the founder of the event, which began as a vision while working at a travel agency in downtown Long Beach. It was the premier race on the CART/Champ Car calender from 1996-2008, and the 2008 race was the final Champ Car series race prior to the formal unification and end of the “split” between CART and IRL. Since 2009, the race has been part of the unified IndyCar Series. For most part the race has traditionally been held in April. It is one of the longest continuously-running events in Indy car racing, and with its rich history, is considered one of the most prestigious events on the circuit.

 This is our 4th or 5th year going (can’t really remember) as I said before it has become a Jurado family tradition. We usually load up a cooler full of great food and drinks Friday night, pop it in the broadies truck then park it in the parking structure that is located right where all the race cars turn. Saturday we all walk from our place to the event (about a 15 min walk) get in and enjoy! It’s always so nice when fun times become traditions. I know Dolly loves when it’s time for the Grand Prix because she gets to hang out with her uncles. It’s hard with everyone’s busy schedules to get together and spend quality time so I know she will forever remember this family tradition and so will I! Here are some pics of us over the years enjoying the Grand Prix! Hope you enjoy. Thank you bunches for stopping by, until next time…

Tiara’s Up,


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