Ruffled top and distressed denim…

Top: similar here and here (both with one shoulder detail, here (comes in two other colors),  here also really loving the bow detail on this one.

Jeans: Express, similar here, and here

Sandals: Payless (can you believe it!!) also love these and really loving these.
I love me some tanks and tees and this ruffle tank is just too cute! I CANT! My mom actually got this for me and I’ve been on the hunt for more lol. It is just so comfortable and very light weight. Distressed denim has definitely become trendy over the past few years and I’m all for it! Whenever I wear it it reminds me of a story my boss tells me about whenever she has her distressed denim on. Her son asked her “mommy are we poor” and she answered him “no son, why do you ask?” And he replied “because you have holes in your jeans!” Lolololol. Then she says “no sweetie, I actually paid extra for those holes” bwuahahahaha! That cracks me up every single time omg. But seriously, like why are a good pair of distressed denim so expensive??? Like shouldn’t it be cheaper because of allll the material missing from it?? I need these questions answered STAT! Lololol

These sandals you will never guess I got from Payless!! 😱😱 and we’re only $24 I know riiiite! But let me just tell you they are the most comfiest sandals and super cute. They also come in black and red and are to die for. Cute sandals are sooo in this spring so make sure you get a pair! I hope you all have a productive week. Thank you so much for stopping by, until next time…
Tiara’s Up,


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